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Welcome to the HC Bridge Company! Our specialty is the development of hybrid-composite structural alternatives that can accelerate bridge construction and provide structures with service lives beyond 100 years. 

The buzz about our HCB's includes:  "This project was a big success – resulting in a high quality bridge that was finished under budget and ahead of schedule.” 

The press agrees - John Hillman, inventor of the hyrbrid composite beam, was recently named newsmaker of the year (read more...) and  received the 2010 award of excellence (read more...) 

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Check the progress of our latest New Jersey installation on Route 23.

Although the technology is new to the market, it is already proven. Two U.S. federally funded bridges were built in the last year using HCB technology.

In November 2007, the first live load test of a full scale hybride composite beam (HCB) bridge was conducted at the Transportation Technology Center.

The world’s first Hybrid-Composite Beam Railroad Bridge at the Transportation Technology Center, Pueblo, Colorado. Since its test installation November 2007, more than 16 million gross tons have crossed the bridge to date.  (
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The first permanent highway installation of HCBs -- the High Road Bridge over Long Run Creek in Lockport Township, Ill. –opened to traffic in August 2008.

The superstructure for this 57-foot (17.4 m), single-span bridge is comprised of six 42-inch (1.067 m) deep HCBs spaced at 7-foot-4-inch (2.23 m) centers, supporting a conventional 8-inch (200 mm) thick reinforced concrete deck. (
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We are excited to show you more! Please explore our comprehensive website to contact us, see us in the news, and get product information to learn how our hybrid-composite beams (HCBs) are revolutionizing how you think about bridge building!